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ALEXA / TUTORIAL / 25 mm / T2.8
ALEXA / TUTORIAL / 25 mm / T2.8
ALEXA / TUTORIAL / 25 mm / T2.8
Test Ludwig
Highkey Set
Lowkey Set
Test Vantage
ALEXA / TUTORIAL / 25 mm / T2.8


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You can compare 28 lens-sets, most of which have 2 different focal lengths. 9 of them are anamorphic lenses.

There are 3 different sets: the Highkey Set, the Lowkey Set, and the Vantage Set. In the Vantage Set we tested many of their anamorphic lenses but also the ARRI Master Anamorphics and the spherical Vantage T1. In the Higkey and Lowkey Set we tested all other lenses from Ludwig and BFC rental.

We chose 3 different popular camera bodies: an ARRI ALEXA Mini, a RED Epic Dragon and a Canon C300 MKII. For each camera we made one single grading, which does not change, while the lens changes. We shot all lenses at the aperture of 5.6 and 2.8 (if possible). For the clips with 2.8 aperture we pulled the iris from maximum to minimum.

Important information: Some lenses have different mounts, mainly PL-Mount, but also EF, BNC and Lomo OCT19. That's why sometimes there is only RED or ALEXA footage available. At the end of each clip, you'll see a test chart. The test chart was separately shot on RED or ALEXA, regardless of which body was selected for the lense.